Organisation Chart (klick to enlarge)


The organs of evalag are the Foundation Board, the Board of Directors, the Accreditation Commission, the Certification Commission and the Complaints Commission. 

The Foundation Board decides concerning the strategy of evalag and matters of fundamental significance.

The Board of Directors is in charge of the routine business of the Foundation: The two Managing Directors prepare the Foundation Board’s resolutions and implements them.

The Accreditation Commission is responsible for all accreditation-related tasks in connection with the accreditation of international study programmes and quality assurance systems of higher education institutions (international accreditation, audits in Austria, institutional and programme accreditation in Switzerland). In the German accredtitation system the Accreditation Commission has only a supporting function for the assessments coordinated by evalag.

The Certification Commission is responsible for the certification of (continual professional development) CPD institutions and offers.

The Complaints Commission reviews formal objections against resolutions and decisions regarding national and international accreditation, certification as well as evaluation procedures.