New Management

Since 1 February 2022, a management duo has taken over: The new CEOs are Dr. Aletta Hinsken and Dr. Sibylle Jakubowicz.

Research Activities

evalag conforms to the principles of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and is actively involved in national, European and international networks and projects. evalag participates in the continued development of quality assurance, quality enhancement, and quality management of higher education institutions and actively contributes to this goal both by practical and scientific-theoretical activities.

LTSHE Project

evalag is partner in the Erasmus+ project LTSHE: Learning and Teaching Space in Higher Education. More information >>here

EDUDIG Project

evalag is partner in the Erasmus+-Projekt EDUDIG: Enhancing the Development of Educators' Digital Competencies.
More information >>here.

ATTAIN Project

evalag is partner in the Erasmus+ project ATTAIN: Accreditation and Training of Teacher Assistants in Bhutanese Schools. More information >>here

LEBPASS: Towards the Lebanese Diploma Supplement

evalag is partner in the project LEBPASS, co-funded by Erasmus+. 
More information >>here