SQELT Public Presentations

Leiber, T., Kane, D., & Williams, J. (2018) Sustainable Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Learning and Teaching. Core Data, Performance Indicators and Learning Analytics. Presentation and Workshop, EAIR 40th Annual Forum “Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity in Higher Education”, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 26-29 August 2018 [→ PDF]

Leiber, T. (2018) Sustainable Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Learning and Teaching. Integrative Core Data and Performance Data Analytics. Presentation and Workshop, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, Kick-off Meeting and Thematic Monitoring for Project Coordinators, Muenster-Carré Bonn, Germany, 11-12 October 2018 [→ PDF]

Leiber, T. (2019) Organizational Development Related to Performance Data Management in Learning and Teaching. A Case Study of Six European Universities Based on Benchlearning and Strategic SWOT Analysis. Presentation at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Society for Higher Education Research (GfHf), University of Magdeburg, Germany, 20-22 March 2019 [→ PDF]

Leiber, T. (2019) Governance und Management von Leistungsdaten in Studium und Lehre: Grundelemente und Desiderate  /  Performance Data Governance and Management in Learning and Teaching: Basic Elements and Desiderata. Presentation at the Workshop “Facetten der Leistungsmessung an deutschen Universitäten: Verfahren, Indikatorik, Wirkungen” as part of the project „Leistungsmessung und -beurteilung für Universitäten. Indikatoren und ihre Interdependenzen in Forschung und Lehre“ , funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), Hannover, 6 June 2019 [→ PDF]

Rosa, M.J., Bruckmann, S., Rafael, J.A., & Costa, D. (2019) Internal Quality Management Systems: ‘Baby Cribs’ for Learning Analytics Approaches? Presentation at the EAIR 41st Annual Forum "Responsibility of Higher Education Systems: What? Why? How?", Leiden University, 25-28 August 2019 [→ PDF]

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