EDUdig Publications

Leiber, T. (2022) Digital Transformation in Higher Education Learning and Teaching: The Quality Digital Literacy We Need. In: Broucker, B., Pritchard, R., Milsom, C., Krempkow, R. (Eds.) Transformation Fast and Slow: Quality, Trust and Digitalisation in Higher Education. Leiden: Brill, pp. 54-77

Balula, A., Caixinha, S., Krebs, A. (2022) Facilitating Online Collaboration - A Training Proposal for Teachers. In: Reis, A., Barroso, J., Martins, P., Jimoyiannis, A., Huang, R.Y.-M., Henriques, R. (eds.) Technology and Innovation in Learning, Teaching and Education. TECH-EDU 2022. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 1720 (pp. 402-406). Cham: Springer.


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