Institutional Accreditation

The institutional accreditation (→PDF) assesses the core functions of higher education institutions, makes recommendations for enhancement and – upon successful completion – awards the evalag institutional quality label.

For the assessment, evalag uses its criteria for institutional accreditation which cover the strategy and governance of an institution, its core functions and cross cutting issues. The following criteria are relevant:

  • Institutional profile and strategy
  • Governance
  • Resources
  • Teaching and learning
  • Research
  • Institution and society
  • Quality assurance

The procedure will be carried out using the peer review methodology with an international expert team. Based on a self-evaluation report the expert team will assess the institution during a site visit and make an accreditation recommendation. Upon successful assessment, the evalag accreditation commission will take the accreditation decision and award the institutional quality label. The assessment report will be published on the evalag website.

For further information please contact Dr. Dagmar Roettsches (phone ++49 (0)621.12854515; roettsches(at)