The evaluations carried out by evalag relate to the systematic assessment of teaching, research, services or entire organizational units of higher education institutions as well as of other academic establishments.

As a service agency evalag puts particular importance on providing perfect organization and comprehensive support, not only for the client commissioning the evaluation, but also for the experts and the unit under evaluation. evalag wishes to ensure an impartial, unprejudiced assessment and an appraisal appropriate to the assignment.

evalag´s evaluation procedures are orientated to international standards (→PDF). The ESG are mandatory for all evaluations in the areas of teaching and learning.

evalag provides a careful clarification of tasks and targets. evalag endeavours to guarantee a transparent procedure for all those involved as regards time schedule, methods and content as well as making available excellently prepared working materials. If experts are needed, careful selection of qualified experts and optimally composed groups of experts are of extreme relevance for evalag.

If you are interested in an evaluation procedure in cooperation with evalag, we would be happy to provide you with more detailed information and to prepare an offer.

Please contact
Dr. Anke Rigbers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
phone +49 (0)621.128545-10; rigbers@evalag.de

Evaluation forms

evalag offers

  • evaluations of fields of study (according to ESG →PDF)

  • comprehensive or partial institutional evaluations of HEIs and research institutions,

  • evaluations of strategies,

  • evaluations of (funding) programmes or projects

These include a choice of different assessment perspectives (summative/balancing; formative/accompanying; and combined forms with different weighting).