Certification of CPD

evalag has been offering certifications for CPD (Continual Professional Development) since 2015.

Certification for Institutions of HEIs offering CPD
Institutional certification verifies and confirms the effective establishment of procedures and instruments for the quality assurance of its services. Certification criteria are objectives and profile of the institution, governance and control, resources, teaching and learning, and quality assurance. See →Certification Guidelines (German version).

Certification of CPD offers
This certification verifies the congruence of conception and qualification goals as well as the effectiveness in implementation. The certification confirms that the desired qualification goals and the desired competence profile can be achieved and determines at which level of the German Qualifications Framework (DQR) these competencies can be classified. Certification criteria are program profile, curriculum, examination system, organization of continuing education offerings, resources and quality assurance. See →Certification Guidelines (German version).

Both certification procedures are carried out as peer review procedures. The certification is granted for eight years. The final decision on the awarding of the certificate lies with evalag's certification commission.

The certification is based on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and the quality standards of the German Association for Continuing Education in Science (DGWF). The institutional certification is also based on Swissuni's recommendations for quality development in university continuing education (as amended on 2 October 2009).

Your contact person is Dr. Aletta Hinsken (Tel. 0621 12 85 45 60; hinsken(at)evalag.de)


Certification Commission

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You can find certifications by evalag in our →database.

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