Quality management audit

evalag offers the evalag quality management audit to higher education institutions wishing to obtain an unbiased assessment of the current state of their quality assurance and quality management, relying on the support of external experts. Especially, higher education institutions that consider system accreditation can benefit from the evalag audit which provides important assistance and guidance. We use a proven recommendatory and developmental procedural instrument that was designed by evalag as early as in 2007 in cooperation with international experts. It has been subject to continuous optimisation in due condsideration of the experience gained from numerous previous procedures. The evalag quality management audit is conducted on the basis of defined procedural principles and usually stipulates two site visits by a group composed of international experts experienced in the governance of higher education institutions. A guideline questionnaire customised by evalag for each individual higher education institution, which considers both the requirements of system accreditation and the requirements of the Standard and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), backs up the structured internal survey of the higher education institution. The results of the audit are consolidated in a clearly structured report.

Dr. Sibylle Jakubowicz (Tel. ++49 (0)621.128545-65; jaku2lxbo665fwihfmycz@evalag.de) will gladly be at your disposal should you require futher information or the preparation of quotes.