Appeals procedure

Higher education institutions commissioning evalag to carry out evaluation procedures, international programme accreditations or international institutional accreditations and certifications certainly have the opportunity to submit an appeal or object to resolutions and decisions. If necessary, the Appeals Commission of evalag will be engaged. The Appeals Commission is an independent organ within the Foundation's organisation. You will find the appeals procedure (only in German) →here.

The Commission consists of four voting members, namely one representative each of an institution concerned with quality assurance in higher education, one representative of another domestic accreditation agency and one representative of a foreign accreditation agency, as well as one student representative.


Members of appeals commission

  • Heiner Averbeck (Heidelberg University) - representative of the student body
  • Dr. Christoph Grolimund (Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance AAQ)
  • Doris Herrmann (AQAS e. V.)
  • Dr. Sonja Kiko (Heidelberg University) - chair person