evalag sees itself as a competence centre for quality management and organisational development in higher education and science. The employees have a high level of methodological and technical competence as well as many years of project experience and proven consulting expertise. A service-oriented and reliable customer service as well as tailor-made procedures are important to us.

We are happy to be there for you in our diverse service areas. Give us a try!
Direct contact persons for project inquiries and/or quotations are

Organisational Development: Dr. Sibylle Jakubowicz (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-65; jakubowicz(at)evalag.de)

Training: Viola Küßner (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-54; kuessner(at)evalag.de)

Accreditation (Germany, Switzerland): Dr. Aletta Hinsken (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-60; hinsken(at)evalag.de)

International Accreditation: Georg Seppmann (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-37; seppmann(at)evalag.de)

Audits in Austria: Ana-Maria Bodo-Hartmann, MA (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-56; bodoat)evalag.de)

Certification of Advanced Training (Institution, Programmes, Institutions): Dr. Aletta Hinsken (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-60; hinsken(at)evalag.de)

Evaluation / Peer Review: Petra Gerlach (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-55; gerlach(at)evalag.de)

Higher Education Research / Cooperation Projects (Erasmus+): Prof. Dr. Dr. Theodor Leiber (phone ++49 (0)621.128545-25; leiber(at)evalag.de)

Requests concerning Arts and Music: Dr. Peter Mall (phone ++49 (06)21.128545-67; mall(at)evalag.de)