SQELT Publications

Leiber, T., 2019, A general theory of learning and teaching and a related comprehensive set of performance indicators for higher education institutions. Quality in Higher Education 25 (1), 76-97. https://doi.org/10.1080/13538322.2019.1594030

Leiber, T., 2020, Performance data governance and management in learning and teaching: Basic elements and desiderata in the light of a European case study. (accepted for publication; preprint)

Sarrico, C., 2021, Quality Management and Performance Measurement in Higher Education: Main Challenges and Solution Approaches (working title). (in preparation)

Beerkens, M., 2021, Evidence-Informed Steering in Higher Education: From Performance Indicators to ‘Big Data’ (working title). (in preparation)

Pohlenz, P., 2021, Innovation, Professionalisation and Evaluation in Academic Teaching and Student Learning: Implications and Impact on Quality Management in Learning and Teaching (working title). (in preparation) 

Leiber, T., 2021, Justifying and Contextualising Performance Indicators of Learning and Teaching: The Role of Theories of Learning and Teaching (working title). (in preparation)

Bruckman, S., Claeys, J., Costa, D., Kane, D., Rafael, J., Rosa, M., and Williams, J., 2021, Learning Analytics and Data Ethics in Performance Data Management: A Benchlearning Exercise Involving Six EU Universities (working title). (in preparation)

Barbato, G., Bugaj, J., Campbell, D., Cerbino, R., Ciesielski, P., Feliks, A., Milani, M., and Pausits, A., 2021, Performance Indicators in Learning and Teaching: A Benchlearning Exercise Involving Six EU Universities (working title). (in preparation)

Huisman, J., and Stensaker, B., 2021, Performance Governance and Management in Higher Education Revisited: International De-velopments and Perspectives (working title). (in preparation)

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