SQELT Partners

The SQELT Consortium consists of ten institutional partners who develop, evaluate and apply the intended L&T dataset and related project outcomes:

Contact persons:

evalag: Prof. Dr. Dr. Theodor Leiber
University of Aveiro: Ass. Prof. Dr. Maria J. Rosa
Ghent University: Joke Claeys
Leiden University: Prof. Dr. Maarja Beerkens
CIPES: Prof. Dr. Claudia Sarrico
Danube University Krems: PD Dr. David Campbell
Jagiellonski University in Krakow: Dr. habil. Justyna Bugaj
Birmingham City University: Dr. James Williams
University of Milan: Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Cerbino
University of Oslo: Prof. Dr. Bjørn Stensaker

For SQELT project information see also: https://ec.europa.eu/...

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