SQELT Partners

The SQELT Consortium consisted of ten institutional partners who developed, evaluated and applied the intended tools and measures for Performance Data Governance and Management in Higher Education Learning and Teaching and related project outcomes:

Contact persons:

evalag: Prof. Dr. Dr. Theodor Leiber
University of Aveiro: Ass. Prof. Dr. Maria J. Rosa
Birmingham City University: Dr. James Williams
Ghent University: Joke Claeys
Jagiellonski University in Krakow: Dr. habil. Justyna Bugaj
Danube University Krems: PD Dr. David Campbell
University of Milan: Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Cerbino
Leiden University: Prof. Dr. Maarja Beerkens
CIPES: Prof. Dr. Claudia Sarrico
University of Oslo: Prof. Dr. Bjørn Stensaker

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