evalag conforms to the principles of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and has been actively involved in national, European and international networks and projects for many years. evalag participates in the continued development of quality assurance, quality enhancement, and quality management of higher education institutions and actively contributes to this goal both by practical and scientific-theoretical activities. Against this backdrop, evalag continuously tracks and analyses trends in the higher education sector, proactively integrates them into its own portfolio, and makes them accessible to the higher education institutions.

For further information please contact

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Theodor Leiber
    (Tel ++49(0)621/128545-25; leiber(at)evalag.de)

Current projects

ERASMUS+ Project ATTAIN (2020-2023)
"Accreditation and Training of Teacher Assistants in Bhutanese Schools"
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ERASMUS+ Project LTSHE (2019-2021)
"Learning and Teaching Space in Higher Education"
See also https://ec.europa.eu/...

ERASMUS+ Project LEBPASS (2019-2021)
“Towards the Lebanese Diploma Supplement”; you can find further information at www.lebpass.org

ERASMUS+ Project SQELT (2017-2020)
“Sustainable Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Learning and Teaching. Integrative Core Dataset and Performance Data Analytics“
See also https://ec.europa.eu/...


ERASMUS+ Project E-TALEB (2016-2019)
“Professional Standards Framework for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Lebanese Universities”; you can find further information here →PDF and at www.etaleb.org.

INQAAHE Research Project QUELIT (2015-2016)
“On the Way to Sustainable Quality Enhancement in Learning and Teaching. Comprehensive Set of Performance Indicators Based on the ESG and an Integrative Comparison of the AHELO Study, Program Accreditation and the Creative Classroom Research Model”; you can find a related presentation here →PDF.

MWK Project RANKINGS (2015-2016)
Project for the clarification and systematic (further) development of the use of university rankings in Baden-Wuerttemberg universities; you can find a related paper here →PDF.

Lifelong Learning Project IMPALA (2013-2016)
“Impact Analysis of External Quality Assurance Processes of Higher Education Institutions. Pluralistic Methodology and Application of a Formative Transdisciplinary Impact Evaluation”

INQAAHE Research Project IPGS (2013-2014)
“Integrated Performance Governance Systems in Higher Education Institutions. Theoretical Model and Case Study Evidences for a Paradigm Change”; you can find a related presentation here →PDF.