Mission statement

The translation of the new mission statement (Decision of the Foundation Board, 12th October 2018) will bei available soon.
Till then please see the German version.

Decision of the Foundation Board, 5th May 2018

evalag is a centre of excellence that offers quality assurance and enhancement as well as quality management for higher education and scientific institutions;

evalag sees itself as a partner of universities and scientific institutions. As such, evalag provides expertise in order to support the commitment of higher education and scientific institutions to achieve high quality in science, teaching and studies and the institution as a whole, and to implement projects.

Based on an understanding of quality that focuses on dialogue and development, evalag contributes to strengthening the self-steering ability and boosting the quality culture of higher education and scientific institutions by providing advice as well as customised tools and methods;

evalag follows the values of professionalism, transparency and reliability, and seeks its continuous development in internal and external action;

evalag demands respectfull and correct behaviour of all persons, who work for the agency or who act jointly with it; evalag steps in against all forms of intolerance or discrimination;

evalag provides expert-based information for preparing appropriate decisions on higher education politics and policy to the authoritative institutions;

evalag applies methods for certification which combine the basic approach of examination with methodological elements for quality enhancement to capture and support the holistic quality of study programmes and universities;

evalag is committed to the principles of the European Higher Education Area and is active in European and international networks.

evalag complies with national and European quality assurance, quality enhancement, and quality management standards;

evalag participates in the continued development of quality assurance, quality enhancement, and quality management of higher education institutions and actively contributes to this goal both by practical and scientific-theoretical activities;

evalag continuously tracks and analyses trends in the higher education sector, proactively integrates them into its own portfolio, and makes them accessible to the higher education institutions.

Internal Quality Management

evalag sees itself as a learning organisation with a vivid quality culture.
Information about the substantial aspects of evalag's internal quality management can be found in the →evalagIQM-Handbuch (German version).